Consultation Services

Do you have an aging parent, relative, loved one, or neighbor that you are concerned about?

Do you need help getting this person proper mental health support?

Do you need support navigating the system regarding different types of resources programs in a different area from where you live?

Older Adults ages 55+ present with special, unique challenges. It is often a time in life when their voices are lost or diminished as they are often living in isolation and disconnected from their community and support systems. Often, older adults are not always aware of their need for help. It may be hard for them to accept that they are in decline and not as able-bodied as they had once been. They may not realize or want to acknowledge they could benefit from extra care and support.

As a qualified Geriatric Mental Health Specialist in the State of Washington with over 17 years in the field, I have acquired specific and specialized training and experience relevant to the needs of the aging population. I can provide consultation and support around navigating the various resources, programs, and systems, such as Social Security, Medicare, DSHS, housing, long-term care, and hospice services.  I can also assist with helping you or a loved one by communicating or coordinating care with:

    Social Workers & Case Managers
    Hospital Discharge Planners

If you feel you or your loved one could benefit from such support, please contact me for a consultation.