Clinical Supervision

I have been a Washington State Approved Supervisor since 2007, providing clinical supervision and professional development to pre-licensure counselors and masters levels clinical interns. I have supervised clinicians/interns in community mental health and group therapy practice settings. I believe the supervisory relationship to be very valuable and I enjoy collaborating with and mentoring those that are still learning, entering the clinical field for the first time, and developing their style and approach to therapy. I find it very rewarding to be a part of their clinical development and growth. My style and approach to supervision can be described as warm, humorous, curious, and interactive.

Clinically, I have experience and specialty in the following areas:

  • Ethnic Minority populations/People of Color counseling
  • Asian-American/Pacific Islander Mental Health
  • Older Adult/Aging issues 
  • Self-Care/Boundary Setting
  • Ethical Considerations
  • Acute Crisis Management

Supervision can be provided individually (1:1) or in dyads of two (2:1). I am happy to offer a brief 20-minute in-person or video meeting to discuss your supervision needs and to see if we can be a good fit to work together. For newly licensed clinicians or even seasoned clinicians in private practice, I am also available to provide clinical case consultation. I bring 17 years as a seasoned clinician and supervisor. Private practice, especially early in one's career, can often be very isolating. Clinical consultation can help to mitigate the sense of working alone. It can be invaluable to conceptualize challenging cases, troubleshoot ethical issues/concerns, and gain another outside perspective. I am available to discuss your clinical needs and to provide you with ongoing supportive clinical consultation.