Asian Americans


  • Counseling is a very personal experience for many people. For many, the hardest part is often just making the decision to get started. Clients often will contact me for a variety of reasons, but mainly to alleviate emotional distress, to learn coping skills, and to gain some understanding and clarity into certain aspects of their lives. One common goal of treatment is often to help clients develop insight into how their thoughts and feelings impact overall emotional health and how their relationships in life (i.e., home, work, school, marriage, parenting, friendships, etc.) impact their overall emotional well-being. Another would be to learn and  understand more about how their childhoods, family of origin, and upbringing often impact decision-making and relationships they develop later in adulthood. Clients often want to learn tools which allow for better coping when experiencing distress. The clients I primarily serve are adults, adults 55+, and couples. I offer short-term (brief) and long-term (in-depth) counseling with the ultimate goal of serving a culturally diverse client population.
  • In addition, I enjoy working with marginalized populations, clients of color, multicultural clients, clients of Asian descent and heritage, particularly those who have grown up in immigrant families. Please review my page on “Asian Americans” for additional information.

Some of the issues I work with include, but are not limited to:

General Issues

Depression and anxiety
Self-esteem issues
Stress management
Negative thoughts
Lack of coping skills


Toxic friendships
Conflict resolution
Workplace difficulties
Difficult personalities
Setting boundaries
Co-dependent relationships

Marriage/Relationship Issues

Lack of physical/emotional intimacy
Improving communications
Trust and respect issues
Infidelity recovery

Aging-Related Issues

“Sandwich Generation” issues
Taking care of elderly parents
Grief and loss issues
“Empty Nest” syndrome
Declining health
Chronic health issues



Life Transitions

Emerging adulthood
Postpartum adjustment
Break-up/Divorce recovery
Loss of employment
Career changes

Asian Americans

** Please see separate page on Asian-Americans.**


Any or any combination of these issues can challenge and overwhelm us. Counseling can provide a much-needed outlet for addressing these issues. Talking openly, sharing, and “venting” thoughts and feelings in a safe environment are all part of the counseling process and often the first step in feeling less stressed.  Many people find it very “normalizing” and helpful to have from support from an objective and non-judgmental perspective. While the support of friends and family is certainly very important, most people find professional support from a counselor to be especially helpful and healing.